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Social Media

Content and Strategy

We can help your business and brand stand out with creative social media content, as part of our social media subscription package.


We offer photo and video content creation services, for Instagram Reels, Stories, Facebook and TikTok.

We work in the hospitality industry, hotels, restaurants, bars, events venues, health clubs, spas, nursing homes, golf clubs, tennis clubs, holiday parks, gyms, retreats and more.

As a trial promotion, No commitment.



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Capture your audience's attention with scroll-stopping posts. Our expertly crafted content is designed to showcase your brand's unique personality and keep your followers engaged.



Supercharge your social media presence with our Reels services. We specialise in crafting short, high-impact videos tailored to captivate your audience.



Our creative and dynamic stories will connect with your audience in real-time, sharing your brand's story with a personal touch, and keeping your followers coming back for more.

from props to models

One Roof

and backgrounds are available for the shoot

In-house and hand model available

Image editing is included in our services

Cohesive styling to complement your brand

To help communicate a message

Need props but can’t make it to the shops? No problem! As part of our 'under one roof' service, we have a wide selection of props including over 100 glasses ready to use as well we offer prop sourcing and food styling. Just fill out a brief and leave the shopping, styling and shooting to us!


Studio photography & video 
Studio photography & video 
Studio photography & video 
60 minutes of monthly content planning and strategy consultation
X posts per month E.G. carousels, reels, stories (amount tbc)
X posts per month E.G. carousels, reels, stories (amount tbc)
Shared social media calendar
1 platform
Multiple platforms
Content creation inc. graphics
content creation
​Content creation
90 minutes of monthly content planning and strategy consultation
120 minutes of monthly content planning and strategy consultation
Shared social media calendar
Shared social media Calendar
Dedicated period of time for account management (details to be discussed)
​Dedicated period of time for account management, scheduling
support via email & whatsapp
support via email & whatsapp
Monthly Analytic Review
Monthly Analytic Review
Community engagement
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Our Social Media team is made up of our Social Media Manager, Mads, who will be the driving force behind the digital identity of your brand - along with our team of professional Photographers. We're a dynamic team of creative minds who are passionate about creating engaging content that will connect with your audience and spread the word about what makes you special.

Our team's mission is simple: we craft engaging and meaningful online experiences. Through the power of social media, we will bring your brand to life. 

We're not just here to promote your brand; we're here to connect with you. Whether it's answering your questions, listening to your feedback, or simply brightening up your day with a smile-inducing post, we're here for you. Our promise is to provide content that matters to your audience, and offer you support and guidance along your social media journey

The Team


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