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Updated: May 22, 2023

Thinking of booking a product photography shoot for e-commerce or that next social media marketing campaign, but a bit stumped for ideas?

Today we’re sharing 5 ideas for product-based businesses that will kickstart those creative juices! These tips can apply to all kinds of creative content including photography, stop motion, animation or videography, so no matter what you're looking for there's something for you here.

We recommend using these prompts as a springboard to get you started, but don’t stop there.. grab a pen, paper, and your imagination and see what other ideas you can come up with 💡⁠

A hand drawing ideas

A woman opens a can of beer

A bottle of perfume lying on a bed of roses

#1 What's in it?

What raw materials, ingredients or contents make up your product? Can you find a way to showcase them? Potential customers love to see what's inside the product they're buying, and finding a way to showcase this visually can build engagement and trust in your brand!

#2 How is it made?

Think about the process of making your product. Can you find a way to show how it's made or capture some of the key elements? Top tip: Stop motion is a great way to bring this process to life - check out our Instagram to see some examples of the work we've done for our clients!

A group of smiling young people make a toast with their drinks

#3 Who, When, How?

How and when is your product used? Who is it used by? Can you show it being used by customers? This is a great opportunity to show your product in use to your target audience! For example, if your product is a non-alcoholic beverage and you've identified your ideal customer to be in the 21-30 age range, make sure your content aligns with this - show that group of consumers enjoying your product.

Pouring a gin and tonic in a photography studio

#4 Perfect Pairings

Are there any other products or items that pair perfectly with your product? Show them together! Don't be afraid to reach out to other brands that complement your product and suggest partnering together for campaigns and photoshoots - if you've got great tonic water, why not hit up a few gin brands to see if they want to get involved?!

Product photography of an oral hygiene product

#5 Natural Habitat

If your product is kept or stored in a certain way, why not show it in its natural habitat? Consumers love to receive advice on how to look after their products and sharing tips can help to build trust and loyalty in your brand. If your product doesn't require any special storage, think about showcasing it in a realistic lifestyle setting. Eg: if your product is a face wash, show it in the bathroom.

Which ideas can you spot in the stop motion below?

Now that we've gone through our tips, see how many you can spot in the stop motion below!

Before you go....

Did you know that Planning & Creative Development is one of the services we offer? If you need help prepping your shoot, whether it's a bit of inspiration to get you started, someone to bounce ideas off or pointers on how to write a perfect brief, we’re here to set your shoot up for success ✨ ⁠⁠

We specialise in e-commerce and food and drink photography so if you're in search of creative product photography, look no further! 📸

Ready to set a date for your shoot, or want to chat to us about an idea? Get in touch with our friendly team via our 'Contact' page, click here, or shoot us an email:

To see more examples of our product photography, please check out the product photography gallery, ecommerce photography gallery and stop motion gallery.


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