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Case Study: Product and Lifestyle Wine Photography - BA Wine Flyer

This year we have been lucky enough to work with The BA Wine Flyer to create a large catalogue of product and lifestyle images for their online store, social media and print. The Wine Flyer source some of the finest wines and spirits from around the world and you can purchase them with your Avios points, happy days!

Wine lifestyle photography

If you are familiar with Future Proof, then you know that drinks photography is one of our main specialties and we have done a lot of product and lifestyle wine photography over the years, so shooting for The Wine Flyer is right up our street!

At the start of the Summer, Paolo and Biv headed to the parks and bars of Bristol and then on to the golden sands of Weston-super-Mare for sunny, holiday, lifestyle vibes. They both ended up doubling as models in some of the shots, luckily they’re both very photogenic!

Meanwhile I have been photographing the bottles in our Bristol studio on an ongoing basis, sticking to the brand guidelines for clean, modern lighting, with a single light bar on the right side of the bottle and short, soft shadow on the left.

Below are some of our highlights from working with The Wine Flyer.

location Wine photography beach

summer Wine lifestyle photography

Wine product photography

Wine photography for brands

Wine photography uk

Wine studio photography

creative wine photography

professional wine photography

wine photography uk

lifestyle wine photography

wine photography in studio

gin packshots

wine product photography

spirit drinks product photography

wine photography studio uk

To see more of our professional wine photography, be sure to check out our Drinks Photography Gallery

And get in touch today to book in your shoot

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