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Enhancing Impossibrew’s Brand Identity with Professional Product Photography

Professional product photography of Impossibrew's new look, featuring dynamic setups in our Bristol studio.

We’re excited to share our recent project with Impossibrew, where we had the opportunity to capture their brand-new look. At Future Proof, we love working with brands to bring their vision to life through professional product photography. Join us as we take you behind the scenes of this dynamic photoshoot and show how we helped enhance Impossibrew’s visual identity.

The Vision Behind the Shoot: using product photography techniques to capture the energy

Impossibrew’s can redesign reflects their innovative and energetic spirit. When they approached us with their vision, we were eager to get started. Our aim was to highlight the bold, graphic and lively vibe of the new look, ensuring that every shot aligned with their refreshed brand identity.

Professional product photography of Impossibrew's new look, featuring dynamic setups in our Bristol studio.

Behind the Scenes

Our Bristol-based studio was the perfect setting. The shoot was filled with meticulous planning and preparation by our Production Manager, Lucy, and Photographer, Ben. From setting up the props to adjusting the lighting and tweaking wardrobe elements, every detail was considered to create an environment that would best showcase Impossibrew’s new design.

Working with the Impossibrew team, we focused on stripping things back to create a clean atmosphere that allowed the new design to be the star of the show. 

Capturing the Energy

To capture the essence of Impossibrew’s new look, we experimented with various motions and set ups. These included vigorous cheersing, exploding fizzes and even submerging the can in water and creating waves. We aimed to create compositions that showcased the product's new design in a fun and engaging way. 

We also included shots of Ben and Lucy modelling and opening the cans to provide some more depth and personality to the images. These shots added an authentic touch, showing the product’s versatility and connection to its audience.

We always love working with Impossibrew, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their rebrand. 

At Future Proof, we’re passionate about helping brands tell their story through product photography. If you’re looking to refresh your brand’s look with high-quality visuals, get in touch today -  we’d love to collaborate with you.

For more behind-the-scenes insights and examples of our work, follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn, and check out our portfolio.

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