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how to photograph a product for ecommerce

If you are selling a product online then having professional product photography is crucial for success. Great photos will showcase your products to make them look their best, help your brand grow it's identity, garner consumer trust and confidence as well as helping potential customers connect with your products.

Having great product photography will give you the edge over your competitors, as your brand looks more professional, trust increases and your products will increase in value. Studies have shown that websites with strong visuals have a conversion rate 3-4x the average.

So how can you achieve great product photography for your ecommerce brand? Here is our breakdown of key points we use when photographing products for Amazon, shopify and similar online sales platforms.

  1. Show your product from a variety of angles. This will show all the features and design of your product, crucial for people who cannot physically hold your items before they make a purchase.

amazon product photography uk
professional packshot photographers
amazon product photography uk

2. Focus in on the details.

ecommerce photography
packshot ecommerce
Professional product photography studio

3. Show the functionality of your product. Show your product in use, highlighting any operational features.

professional product photographers
product photography studio
Professional product photography studio
professional product photographers

4. Use a model to interact with your product. This will really bring the photographs to life and allow potential customers to understand and identify much better with your product.

ecommerce photographer near me
packshot ecommerce

5. Photograph your product in its natural environment.

amazon product photography uk

6. Setup a lifestyle scenario. Imagine where your customers might use your product and set up a styled scene with props. Your product should feature in the centre of the scene and be the focus of the viewers attention.

amazon product photographers

Follow these top tips and you will be producing great product photography content in no time.

We photograph all sorts of products in our Bristol studio, from jewelry to flooring and children's toys to beauty products.

To see more of this kind of photography, be sure to check out our product photography gallery

And get in touch today to book in your shoot

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