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Nailing Product Relaunch Photography: 5 Key Insights from our Collaboration with Cobra Beer

In the world of product photography, few projects are as exciting and challenging as a product relaunch. 

Recently, we had the privilege of collaborating with Cobra Beer on the relaunch of their non-alcoholic beer, Cobra Zero. Through this experience, we've distilled five key insights that we believe are essential for any photographer embarking on a product relaunch shoot.

A can of Cobra Zero in the centre of a table surrounded by food and nibbles for the Cobra Zero relaunch shoot

1. Understand the Brand's Evolution:

Before diving into the shoot, take the time to understand the brand's journey and the nuances of its relaunch. What messaging is the brand aiming to convey? By immersing yourself in the brand's story and objectives, you can tailor your photography to align seamlessly with their identity and aspirations.

A can of Cobra Zero in the centre of a table surrounded by food and nibbles with smiling women in the background, laughing and having a good time,  for the Cobra Zero relaunch shoot

2. Embrace Consistency with a Fresh Perspective:

While maintaining consistency with the brand's existing visual identity is crucial, don't be afraid to infuse the imagery with a fresh perspective. Approach the relaunch as an opportunity to breathe new life into familiar elements, whether through innovative compositions, lighting techniques, or creative styling. Strike a balance between continuity and innovation to captivate both loyal customers and new audiences.

A can of Cobra Zero in the centre of a table surrounded by food and nibbles for the Cobra Zero relaunch shoot

3. Highlight What's New and Improved:

A product relaunch is the perfect opportunity to showcase the enhancements and innovations that set the new iteration apart. Whether it's updated packaging, improved features, or expanded offerings, prioritise highlighting these elements in your photography. Use techniques such as close-up shots, detail-oriented compositions, and dynamic angles to spotlight the product's evolution and value proposition.

a can of Cobra Zero and regular Cobra cheersing in front of a yellow background for the Cobra Zero product relaunch photoshoot

4. Tell a Compelling Story:

Great product photography goes beyond showcasing the physical attributes of the product; it tells a compelling story that resonates with the audience. Leverage storytelling techniques to convey the brand's narrative, values, and aspirations through your imagery. Whether it's evoking a sense of nostalgia, inspiring a feeling of luxury, or communicating a commitment to sustainability, let each photograph contribute to the brand's overarching story.

A can of Cobra Zero next to a pint of Cobra Zero in a Cobra pint glass for the Cobra Zero relaunch photoshoot

5. Collaborate and Iterate:

Effective product photography is the result of collaborative efforts between photographers, brands, and creative teams. Throughout the relaunch process, maintain open lines of communication with the brand to ensure alignment on goals, messaging, and visual direction. Embrace feedback as an opportunity to iterate and refine your approach, ultimately delivering imagery that exceeds expectations and drives results.

Behind the scenes shot of the camera and scene for the Cobra Zero product relaunch photoshoot. One woman holds a pint glass while another woman pours a can of Cobra Zero into the glass

To see more of this kind of photography, be sure to check out our drinks photography gallery and get in touch today to book in your shoot.

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