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TrueStart Coffee Collaboration: Our Product Photography Featured in the Metro and Evening Standard!

Product photography for TrueStart Coffee

We had an incredible time diving into a recent project with TrueStart Coffee, capturing a stunning snap that was featured as a full-page ad in both the Metro and the Evening Standard last week! Seeing our work in print, especially in such iconic publications, has been a real moment for our team and the Future Proof books!

Product photography by Future Proof Creative for TrueStart Coffee appearing as a full page advert in the Metro in London, UK

Behind the Scenes: The Journey to the Perfect Shot

When our friend India, from TrueStart Coffee, approached us with this exciting idea, we knew we'd scale any feat to get the perfect shot and do her proud! As it turns out, that feat came in the form of our Photographer, Ben, putting on a wetsuit, equipping his camera with a waterproof casing and treading water in Cromhall Quarry to snap India diving in, as she perfectly recreated the infamous TrueStart logo; live action edition.

A Keepsake for Our Archive

Now that the ad has graced the pages of the Metro and Evening Standard, it holds a place of honour on our Future Proof archive cork board. It serves as a reminder of what we can achieve when creativity and collaboration come together. Every time we see it, we’re filled with pride and motivation to keep pushing the boundaries of our work.

Product photography by Future Proof Creative for TrueStart Coffee cut out from the Metro newspaper and pinned on Future Proof Creative's archive pinboard

When working with Future Proof, you're guaranteed to experience a team of passionate creatives and product photography experts, who are truly dedicated to getting the perfect shots for your brand - no matter what it takes. Even if that means diving into ice cold water!

To see more, be sure to check out our drinks photography gallery and food photography gallery, and get in touch today to book your shoot.

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