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Work of the week #2 - Food and drink photography/Video and Interiors photography

Updated: May 22, 2023

A hand reaches in to pour a beautiful cocktail in a photography studio

So, what's been happening lately at Future Proof HQ? Well we've all been very busy...

Paolo had a colourful shoot for Artisan Drinks, with the following style reference:

'Our brand is colourful, bold, unique. Our artist Alan Walsh is inspired by artists such as Andy Warhol and David Hockney and has carved his own unique niche with one leg grounded in Art Deco and the other in Pop Art’

Following on from Paolo's bright, fun, vivid pop art inspired drinks shoot, Ben was having a much darker, scarier time, shooting for a new campaign for Creams Ice Cream, to showcase their collaboration with Paramount for the release of Scream VI.

Creams launched a limited edition Scream VI dessert using the classic phrase “I Scream You Scream We All Scream For Ice Cream”. Ben put on a brave face and produced some killer stills and video!

An ice cream sundae drips raspberry sauce, photographed in studio

Meanwhile, I was doing interiors photography most of the week. Firstly, a lovely flat on Camden Crescent in Bath, to go on Airbnb and then A new boutique hotel in Southampton, called Settle.

A beautiful fashionable apartment with amazing views

Interiors photography of a stylish appartment in Bath

An interiors photo of a stylish kitchen with beautiful view

Interiors photography of sunlight on a dressing table

Interiors photography of sunlight hitting stationary items on a desk

Kitchen details from an interiors photography photoshoot

A stylish hotel room with kitchen and bathroom

The exterior of a boutique hotel on a sunny day

Sunlight through stained glass next to the sign of a hotel

A stylish yellow and brickwork hotel room with a tray on the bed

Paolo was back with some more of his incredible drinks photography, from our studio in Bristol, this time for Aspall and to showcase a range of their ciders (my favourite drink!).

Paolo's brief was to create a clean, warm setup with natural looking sunlight and casting shadows and I think he pulled it off beautifully. And check out those sounds recordings of cider fizzing and gluggling, it's had the desired effect on me, I think I'm heading for the fridge now!

Cider being poured into stylish glasses in studio

Elegant photo of a bottle of luxury cider and glass in background

Well there's a few highlights from a week at Future Proof, we'll be back soon with more great food and drink photography and video, stopmotion, interiors, lifestyle, events and who knows what on our creative journey.

To see more of this kind of photography, be sure to check out our food and drink gallery and hospitality gallery

And get in touch today to book in your shoot

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