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work of the week #6: Food and drink photography, product, restaurant, vets, toy stop motion.

We have a broad range of great images and video this week, a real ecclectic mix.

Starting with Ben, who was on location, shooting mostly food and drink photography at the Hyatt East Hotel in London. He did some interior photography for them as well as shooting their cocktail menu, and getting some lifestyle food photography in the hotel restaurant.

Food and drinks laid out on a table in a sophisticated hotel restaurant

A couple enjoy eating a beautiful dinner in a sophisticated restaurant

A barman cuts ice to serve in a drink

A cocktail with skull in on a hotel table

Food and drink photography from a hotel restaurant

Paolo was creating drink photography for Hayman's Gin, with the brief of having a light, fresh scene to showcase Haymans new Light Gin. Paolo also filmed a simple video showing a serve being made with it.

A bright image of gin in a photography studio with somebody pouring a drink in the background

drink photography from a studio of three bottles of gin

I was also in the studio, working with to create a really fun little stop motion animation of a magnetic toy set. I enjoyed creating this stop motion a lot, mostly because I just love playing with toys and it's always great seeing inanimate objects come to life, with the power of stop motion animation.

My next shoot was at Millhouse Vets in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. We got some great vet lifestyle photography, headshots and interior photography of the practice.

Healthcare lifestyle photography of a vet examing a dog

vet lifestyle photography of two vets walking dogs outside of a vet practice

A vet holds a small dog in the reception area of a vets practice

Vet lifestyle photography of a cute puppy having its microchip scanned by a vet

Lifestyle photography of vets taking blood pressure from a cat

Ben's next shoot was creative product photography for Phizz (multivitamin & hydration tablets). Ben took his product photography to the next level, thanks to some photoshop manipulations to make the fruit burst out of the tubes

A studio product photography image of vitamins with fruit

manipulated product photography of berries bursting out of a tube of vitamins

Studio product photograph of a tube of vitamins on orange background, with orange slices.

To see more of this kind of photography, be sure to check out our food and drink gallery, hospitality gallery, product photography gallery, stop motion and clinical lifestyle gallery.

And get in touch today to book in your shoot

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