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7 Food Photography Tips

Wondering how to take your food photography to the next level?

Tried everything to get that perfect cheese-pull or sumptuous burger bite?

We’ll let you in to a little secret… things are not always as they seem!

We have a few expert tips and tricks up our sleeve to get our food photography looking perfect, and we’re willing to spill the beans!

Food photography studio uk

1. Oozy Cheese

Let’s talk cheese photography! Creating that perfect cheese pull can be tricky.

By the time you’ve set up your scene and got everything into position, your lovely melty cheese might start looking a little dry.

To extend it’s life and keep it looking extra oozy, try brushing with oil for some extra shine!

Food photography studio uk

2. Juicy Burgers

Burgers can look epic in a picture. All those layers, colours and textures make for a great shot!

But after a little while in a photography studio, they can look a little lack-lustre.

This is a great time to use the oil trick! Brush a little oil over the patty if it’s looking dry, giving it that lovely juicy look once again!

If you find the layers are moving around, pop a skewer into the middle of the burger to hold it all in place.

Food photography studio

3. Perfect Condiments

Talking of burgers, you might find yourself struggling to get your condiments looking just right. Too much or too little can ruin a burger shot!

A plastic syringe is a great tool to add to your photography kit. Fill with sauces and use to insert just the right amount, in exactly the right place.

Food photography bristol

4. Decadent Whipped Cream

A swirl of whipped cream can make a dessert look extra delicious.

But unfortunately, cream and hot lights don’t mix, and quickly result in a messy studio and sad looking pudding.. So what can we do instead?

Try shaving foam! It gives you a pure white, dense foam which you can shape and mould to perfection. And most importantly, it doesn’t melt!

(Just don’t be tempted to eat it, no matter how good it looks, it won’t taste great!)

Food photography studio bristol

5. Instant Heat

Want to create a chargrilled look, but don’t have the right equipment or time to do it properly?

A blow torch is a handy tool to have in the studio for times like these!

Whether it’s adding that charcoal tinge to BBQ style meat or the perfect amount of caramelisation on a toasted marshmallow, you can use a blow torch for an instant singe.

Food photography tips

6. Tone Down the Shine

If your cutlery or silverware is too shiny and distracting from the food, try using a frosting spray to tone down the shine!

This will help reduce reflections and glare, allowing viewers to focus on the delicious looking food instead.

Food and drink photography tips

7. Finishing Touches

A well placed garnish can be the perfect finishing touch for all sorts of food photography. Herbs, icing sugar, berries, whatever works for your dish!

Once you’ve added a sprinkle to the dish, try placing a little cluster on the surface too, to give it that realistic look.

This is a great tip if you’re shooting a food item which doesn’t look very impressive on it’s own!

A bonus tip for keeping herbs looking fresh - dunk them in a bowl of ice water, this keeps them crisp and fresh for longer.

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