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Elevate Your Food and Drink Photography: Expert Food and Drink Styling Tips for Stunning Shots

In the world of food and drink photography, styling plays a crucial role in capturing the essence and appeal of the products. From keeping beverages looking cool and refreshing to adding the perfect finishing touch to dishes, mastering food and drink styling techniques is essential for creating captivating imagery. In this blog post, we'll explore twelve expert tips to elevate your food and drink styling game and ensure stunning photography results.

Water Spray:

A water spray bottle is a photographer's best friend when it comes to keeping beverages looking cool and refreshing. Just a quick spritz can simulate condensation, making drinks appear as if they're straight out of the fridge on a warm day.

A bottle of Aspall cyder - style by spritzing with a water spritzer to form droplets of condensation, stood next to a pint glass of Aspall

Oil and Paintbrush:

To prevent food from looking dry or dull (after being sat out and photographed for several hours during a shoot) use a small amount of oil applied with a paintbrush. This technique adds a subtle sheen and enhances the overall appearance of the dish.

Indian side dish styled using oil and a paintbrush to give it a delicious and authentic sheen

Heat Gun:

For cheesy dishes that need that extra oozy goodness, a heat gun is indispensable. A quick blast can melt cheese just right, ensuring it reaches its full melty potential.

Here’s the one we use in the Future Proof studio, perfect for generating the optimum cheesy look.

A big burger styled using a heat gun to melt the cheese perfectly next to a bottle of coke zero

Fake Ice:

At Future Proof, we use faux ice to keep drinks looking refreshing indefinitely. This allows us to take our time dressing the set and perfecting the shot without the fear of real ice melting too quickly. However, sometimes real ice can't be beaten for authenticity. It always depends on the shoot!

drinks styled using fake ice to keep them looking fresh and cold for a prolonged period of time during a photoshoot

Shaving Foam:

Create faux cream to top milkshakes or desserts using shaving foam. It's a simple yet effective way to achieve that perfect dollop without the risk of melting.

Check out our Food Stylist demonstrating how this is done here.

summer garden scene featuring drinks styled using shaving foam as whipped cream


For that irresistible BBQ'd look, a blowtorch is a must-have tool. Use it to singe or crisp food items, adding depth and flavour to your photos.

Product photograph featuring vegetable skewers charred using a blowtorch

Frosted Glass Spray:

Emphasise the refreshing, straight-out-of-the-fridge look by using frosted glass spray on glasses and bottles. It adds a touch of realism and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

Product photograph featuring a beer bottle that has been styled using a glass frosting spray to emulate the appearance of condensation

Mastering food and drink styling is essential for creating visually stunning photography that showcases products in the best possible light. By incorporating these expert tips into your workflow, you can elevate your food and drink photography game and produce captivating imagery that leaves a lasting impression.

To see more, be sure to check out our drinks photography gallery and food photography gallery, and get in touch today to book your shoot.

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