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Updated: May 22, 2023

Why invest in professional photography? Should I hire a professional photographer?

It might be daunting to invest in a professional shoot, especially as a small business, but there are so many reasons why you should!

First Impressions Count

Your presence on social media, websites or other marketing material is often the first impression a potential customer has of you as a business. Professional imagery gives the impression that you’re providing a professional service or product, so high-quality photos are a must!

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

The power of visual communication has never been higher. With the rise of image-heavy social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, your visual content is one of the key ways you can communicate with your customers.

The images you use help to paint a picture of who you are as a business, so it needs to be professional, eye-catching and bespoke to you.

elegant festive cocktail drink photography
Here's a great example of a beautifully shot photo, with professional lighting and a well thought out set-up

Engaging Content

Likes, shares and comments on social media platforms are invaluable to growing your audience. The brain processes images much faster than any other form of data, so beautiful, interesting photography alongside your posts are far more likely to be engaged with, helping to spread the word and reach more customers organically.

Brand Recognition

By incorporating things like brand colours, packaging and other visual cues into your imagery, you help to build brand recognition. In time your imagery will become immediately recognisable, so having a collection of professional, well styled images means you always have effective, on-brand content ready to share.

everyday items laid out on a table with different coloured vitamin supplements
Perfect example of incorporating visual cues (colours from packaging) to help build brand recognition

Knowledge and Experience

Ultimately, using a professional photographer means you have access to their knowledge, not just their equipment!

With years of experience to fall back on, they’ll know what works when it comes to styling, lighting and editing, saving you the trouble of learning the hard way!

Spot the Difference

Can you spot the difference between the two images below? Both are in the exact same set-up, but the first is a quick snap from a phone, the second is taken on a professional camera with correct lighting, so much better!

professional photography roses sweets
Amateur VS professional

We hope that this guide to professional photography has been helpful, but if you have any questions or there's something we didn't cover, don't hesitate to ask or drop us a comment!👇

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