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WOTW#3 - drinks photography, business portraits and dental lifestyle photography

Updated: May 22, 2023

A man puts a drink on a tray with gin

Spring has sprung! And on that note, Paolo was tasked with creating an inviting Summer vibe for the delectible Three Wrens Gin. It looks like golden hour on the beach in Bali, but it's all in our photography studio in Bristol.

Pouring a gin and tonic in a photography studio

Meanwhile I was happily shooting portraits, in my hometown of Bath, for possibly the best landscape architects in the world: Grant Associates. You might recognise their iconic "Gardens by the Bay", in Singapore. Here are some highlights from our quick headshots and team photo shoot.

A young woman poses in front of books in a bright design studio

A team of young professionals posing on sofas, with plants in a bright, modern design studio

A fashionable young man poses in a bright modern library

Paolo was back, having more fun in studio, shooting for Matthew Clark drinks wholesalers: Paolo produced a combination of lifestyle drinks photography, flat lay product photography and studio food and drink photography.

A smiling woman relaxes with a book and some wine

Wine and food are spread out on a table, hands reach in to enjoy the tapas

Wine and cheese set up in a professional photography studio

I was off on my travels again, this time to Leighton Buzzard to photograph Pear Tree Dental. I've shot quite a few dental practices over the years and the emphasis is always on showing happy patients and staff in a bright, clinical setting. I enjoy lifestyle photography and also working on location.

A dental patient looks at their teeth in a mirror whilst a dentist looks and smiles

The sunny entrance to a dental pratice

A smiling receptionist in a dental practice

Ben was on holiday this week, but we will all be back soon with more of our creative adventures and offerings from Future Proof, both in our Bristol studio and out on the road. Until next time!

To see more of this kind of photography, be sure to check out our food and drink gallery, headshots gallery and clinical lifestyle gallery.

And get in touch today to book in your shoot

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