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2023 Product Photography Trends - Review

At the end of 2022 we put forward our predictions for Photography Trends in 2023. Let’s review our predictions, to see what we got right and what surprised us!

We predicted:

Video Would Rule - Correct!Video has continued to shine through 2023, with good quality video content being a must-have for brands!Almost all of our product photography briefs now include an element of video or animated content.

Social Would Come First - Correct!Content for social media is still incredibly important, with almost all brands finding a place for their products on social platforms.We are now creating much more ‘user generated’ or first person style content, made specifically for social media such as Instagram and TikTok.

360 Degree Images Would Grow in Popularity - Incorrect!We predicted a much bigger increase in the use of 360 degree imaging in product photography. This hasn’t quite taken off in the way we expected, remaining a more ‘specialist’ style of content.

Authenticity Would be Key - Correct!We’re finding more and more brands are keen to appear authentic in their product photography. Examples such as drinks overflowing and spilling during videos, or models with a ‘real life’ look are preferable over the highly edited ‘perfect’ look.

Nostalgia Would be Big - Yes and No!While there was a definite pattern of nostalgic, almost retro styling during the first half of the year, with 70’s style props and colours being in high demand, this has started to simmer out as we near the end of the year.

Minimalism and Maximalism Would Mix - Yes and No!We predicted that there would be an interesting combination of minimalism and maximalism in product photography this year. We were partly right!Minimalist style photography has absolutely boomed this year, with bold block colours and minimal props being a go-to for many shoots.Chaotic maximalism hasn’t proven so popular, although we have seen some brands (particularly in the drinks market) keen to show ‘busy’ party style social scenes. We wonder if this is a reaction to finally shaking off social distancing?

Artificial Intelligence Would Go Mainstream - Correct!Our final prediction was that there would be a rise in AI generated imagery, and we were absolutely correct! AI has taken off this year, with more and more people using it both in the visual world and in written text.

Photoshop has developed some incredible tools to help edit photographs quickly and easily. Although it still sometimes gets it wrong, we see AI becoming a part of our day to day lives, continuing to grow and develop throughout the next few years.

To recap on our Product Photography Trend Predictions for 2023, read the original post here, and keep an eye out for our predictions for 2024! 

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