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Case Study: Fitness Supplements Product Photography and Video - Vivo Life

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Vivo Life create awesome organic, plant based health and fitness supplements. They approached us with an exciting brief - to re-shoot their entire range in preparation for a big re-brand. The main goal of the shoot was to promote their new re-branded packaging and "Do Life Differently" theme. They wanted to create a distinctive style which instantly reminded people of the brand, this was achieved with the new vibrant colour palette, expressive paint splat textures and new typeface.

After an initial meeting with the creative director, we were briefed on the new products and packaging, and supplied with a comprehensive brand guide along with a series of moodboards. We used their new colour pallet to create custom coloured backdrops, which we used throughout the shoot. We had an extensive asset list with 20 different products, ranging from protein powders to t-shirts.

The shoot was staggered over 9 days, and we created a whole new catalogue of imagery, including product and lifestyle photography, model shots and packshots. Plus a collection of stop-motion animations and video clips. The content is now live across their website, socials, ads and paid media! Check it out:

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creative product photography uk

To see more examples of our fitness supplements product photography check out our product photography gallery

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